Hi, I’m


If you’re not one for too many words, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s a personal snapshot:

  • Broadway musical lover
  • Recovering people pleaser
  • Every season of Survivor watcher
  • Travel enjoyer
  • Dream discoverer
  • Content creator
  • Curious question asker
  • Compassionate listener
  • Skier. Cross-fitter. Pickleball learner.
  • Coffee. Pizza. Red Wine. Chocolate Cake (in that order).

About Megan

You probably clicked this link to learn more about me, but honestly, that’s the last thing I want to talk about. What really makes me tick is finding out about YOU!

I’m not one for too much small talk either. Sure, we can chat weather patterns and carpool lines, but what truly LIGHTS ME UP is getting to know you on a deeply personal level.

I believe people are more important than things and my kids roll their eyes when I ask a waiter his name or a ticket agent how she’s doing. (I am literally a walking Progressive commercial…)

I love learning about other people and count it my life’s work to provide a safe space for those I work with to fully be themselves as they wrestle over complex personal struggles and seek to live awake and alert to their life.

But alas, this is a bio page, so I guess I can throw out a few things for you!

I am…

  • Basically a native Colorado girl (I was born in New Mexico – the land of enchantment also has my heart)
  • A mother of four amazing human beings who are quickly exiting the teen years and morphing into young adults (they need a life coach….know any good ones?).
  • A wife to my college sweetheart turned junior high social studies teacher after a 20+-year career with Young Life. He says he has never been happier! I know, right?! #differentstrokes

I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do with my life in my younger years.

After a myriad of menial jobs, I didn’t know what would fill my cup until I completed my MAEd in Guidance Counseling and enjoyed a sweet season as a school counselor.

When we moved across the state, I left that career and served as the MOPS (now known as The MomCo) advisor at our church for a hot minute before God stirred our hearts towards adoption.

I became a published author after we brought our two youngest home from Ethiopia in 2011 and the experience rocked all of our collective worlds. Writing became my life blood and free therapy. Once I realized I needed “for reals” counseling, the lessons I learned felt too important to keep to myself.

I am a super-connector and place maker. An introspective student of myself and others.  I geek out on personality assessments and podcasts.

I currently serve on the board of Life Center Ethiopia – an organization dedicated to bringing light to the hopeless and empowering widows and vulnerable children to reach a transformed life – and an elder at First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs.

First book published in 2O15

My deepest desire is to see you set free to live a life of purpose and connectedness — to God and others.

Some may callously discard your ideas, but I believe in your vision. I will empower you to walk boldly in your place in the world and tell the story of a good and gracious God!

Statement of Faith

As a Kingdom Life Coach, I am guided by principles and values grounded in my Christian faith. My beliefs are the foundation of my work and inform the perspectives and methodologies used therein. I believe the Bible to be the inspired, authoritative Word of God. I believe there is one God, existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as one’s Savior and the ministry and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe in egalitarian ministry and serve as an elder at First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs, Colorado of the ECO denomination.

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