For the faith-centered woman ready to align with God’s plan and finally pursue their dreams with confidence.

Get clarity on your God-Sized dream, experience deep self-discovery, and see tangible results in six months or less! 

Untangle your thoughts, activate your faith, and take action toward your goals with a personalized plan and guided support every step of the way. 

why work with a

Kingdom Life Coach

God is always speaking, moving, and guiding. Sometimes His ways are as clear as day and other times they’re an elusive shadow. Either way, responding in faith doesn’t have to be like throwing darts blindfolded. 

And it’s NOT a one-size-fits-all experience.

Working with a Kingdom Life Coach empowers you to discern Holy Spirit wisdom that applies to your unique situation and season in order to live with more freedom, clarity, and confidence!

How do you know if this work is for you...

If you answer a resounding “YES” to one of the following descriptions – let’s talk. I have no doubt we could get you where you need to (want to) go!

  • I am a midlife mom launching kids from the home looking for joy and purpose in a new season.
  • I am a college-age woman who would love guidance to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life.
  • I feel a stirring to share my life’s message in the form of a book or podcast, but I need to get clear on what I really want to do and figure out how to get there!
  • I have thought about starting a business, but need to sift through the ideas in order to focus and create the strategy and plan to build it.
  • My life feels overwhelming, haphazard and chaotic. Expectations of others and self-imposed obligations are stressing me out! I desire a place to quiet the noise in order to hear from God in a meaningful way so I can find my voice and live with more joy and peace.
  • I desire to hear God’s voice in new and meaningful ways, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m not sure if what I’m “hearing” as I pray and pay attention to my life are my thoughts or God’s thoughts. How can I tell the difference?

I’ll help you answer important questions like

Who are you?

Until you fully live into your true identity in Jesus Christ, you won’t experience the level of peace or the depth of influence you could have in Him.

  • Get clear about who you are uniquely created to be.
  • Understand your specific season of life.
  • Discern how God might be speaking to you.

What are you meant to do?

Now that you know who you are, you have freedom to discover what you want and how God desires to partner with you in the world.

  • Cut out extraneous noise in order to focus on the still small voice of God.
  • Ask lots of questions to get to the heart of every matter.
  • Uncover your voice and discover your dreams.

What is your next right step?

This is where the ‘magic’ begins! Given who you are and what you want — spiritual discernment sessions connect the dots.

  • Integrate your internal and external worlds.
  • Process what you want and be clear about WHY you want it.
  • Listen for the nudges and stirrings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Release anything holding you back from healthy, holistic living.
  • Discover your next right thing in order to live freer and step into greater Kingdom impact.

Meet the coach

My name is Megan!

Kingdom Life Coach

As with many vocational turns in life, you don’t find them – they find you! That’s my story with coaching. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved getting to know people. Like really knowing them. Understand what makes them tick. Discover what dreams lie deep inside. Heal deep sorrows and excavate joy.

This innate relationship building manifested for a sweet season as a school counselor and then as the MOPS (now The MomCo) director at our church. However, it wasn’t until we adopted our youngest two children from Ethiopia in 2011 that the vocational story took another turn.

As a stay at home mom of four, I found writing and wrestling with God to be deep, cathartic work. Working with my own counselor brought healing, hope, and filled my cup in a brand new way! 

Fast forward to 2020. My kids found some semblance of equilibrium and made it quite clear they didn’t need mom hanging around and hovering so much! What’s a girl to do at that point, but hire a business coach?! After three months of working together to discern the unique combination of God-given gifts and talents that might birth a future vocation, my business coach approached me and said, “I’d like you to be my spiritual life coach. I want to process my life through a faith-based lens.”

What you see here is the rest of the story. I am now writing, coaching, podcasting and building the vision God gives me to lead and guide others into the same type of life-changing breakthroughs! Could you be next??

“Coaching with Megan was so helpful!”

I left our sessions confident in my decision making. She is great at listening to and deciphering my feelings even when I couldn’t verbalize what I wanted. I found peace in my next career decision and Megan helped me communicate my plans in a truthful and thoughtful way.

“Working with Megan has changed the direction of my heart and life.”

She navigated me through some dark places to heal and find God in a more meaningful and personal way. If you are having a hard time with change, feeling stuck in a certain area of life, disillusioned, feeling lost, or lacking passion, Megan would be a fantastic fit to get you going in a more hopeful direction!

“Working with Megan is worth EVERY PENNY!”

She is encouraging, thoughtful, intentional, and is sure to challenge you in deeper trust and dependence on Jesus. Check out her resources, retreats, and coaching opportunities!

the details

Step into Your Purpose

6-Month Coaching Package

This 6-month, 1:1 coaching experience is powerfully effective. If you are ready to settle into the process and dig deep for ultimate self-discovery, transformation, and sustainable action, this package is for you!

Together we will get to the root of any problem you are facing and discern what the Lord reveals along the way in terms of personal growth, divine breakthrough, and the next right steps for you moving forward.

coaching package

What’s Included?

Over the course of 6 months, you will experience…

ninety minute

In-Take Call

to share your story, establish a baseline, and determine your goals.

12 bi-weekly

Zoom Sessions

for deep-dive work in discernment and moving you toward your dreams/goals.

Text or Voxer

Personal Check Ins

on the off weeks for continued support, guidance, prayer, and encouragement.


Kingdom Coaching

A deep mix of mentorship, listening to God’s voice, and coaching you to your stated goals.


Studies + Challenges

6-month coaching clients get to jump into any of Megan’s online studies or challenges for FREE!

ready to

Get Started

The first step is to schedule a FREE Curiosity and Connection Call.

“Every time I met with Megan she created an atmosphere to intentionally listen to God’s whisper in my heart.”

She guides with key discernment through journaling, prayer, conversation and helped me transition from a frustrating job into building a thriving business I absolutely love!


Kingdom Alignment Session

90-minute strategy session – $249

  • Understand where you are
  • Discover where you want to go
  • Decide how you’ll get there

Sometimes you don’t need (or have) six months to figure something out! This 90-min strategy session allows you to make quick, efficient, and effective work of things. If you need some “divine expediting” to move forward on a matter – this option is great for you.

Together we will explore various areas of your life to discover what’s going well so you can move forward in confidence and, conversely, what’s causing stress and confusion so you know where you want to commit to additional work for greater clarity and confidence moving forward!

“It was such a blessing to connect today.”

Your insights were eye-opening and they gave me more tools to help guide me through this season of my life. God is good ALL the time and I thank you for giving me His direction today.

“Want someone to help you discern the direction God is leading you in your business?”

It only took one conversation with Megan to completely transform my business and my life! I am forever grateful to have connected with her and you will be too.