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Are you a podcaster looking for a dynamic interview for your show? 

If your audience values growing in faith and having honest conversations about how life and faith intersect in both messy and hopeful ways, we would be a perfect fit! 

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Megan Nilsen

Podcast art for Megan Nilsen featured on the Powerful Whispers Podcast

The Power of Honest Conversations with God

Powerful whispers podcast

Are you ready to align your spirit with God’s, and learn the importance of patience and waiting in God’s timing? Megan shares her personal stories of faith, insights into the practice of journaling, and offers amazing advice on how to incorporate this spiritual discipline into your daily life. From overcoming “journaling phobia” to hearing God’s voice through written reflections, this conversation is packed with wisdom and practical strategies.

Firestarters Podcast Episode 14 with Megan Nilsen

On The Other Side of Obedience

Firestarters Podcast

Megan Nilsen shares her faith journey, starting from her homesickness as an exchange student in Spain to her decision to end a relationship that was not aligned with her faith. She emphasizes the importance of walking with God and making decisions that align with His plan. Megan also discusses the sacrifices and doubts that come with following God’s call, but highlights the blessings and growth that result from obedience. She encourages listeners to trust the process and not be focused on the outcomes. Megan shares her website, books, and social media platforms for further connection.

Anchored Decisions Podcast with Megan Nilsen and Lauren Black

How to Seek God’s Voice and Will for Your Decisions

Anchored Decisions

Lauren Black chats with Megan Nilsen of Kingdom Life Coaching about how to hear from God in your decisions. We both share stories of leaning into God’s “nudges,” and dive into some deep, hard questions like “how do you distinguish between coincidence or a sign from God.” We discuss how Megan heard from God when making plans to adopt her younger children, diving into the Bible to get to know God’s voice, following the light unto our path that God shines just on the step in front of us, and more!

Listening to God’s Voice for Your Purpose

Passion Meets Purpose

Megan Nilsen joins Sarah Taylor on the Passion Meets Purpose podcast for an incredible conversation on listening to God’s voice. She launched her coaching business in 2020 and loves empowering women of all ages to listen to the voice of God and make big, bold moves for greater influence and impact. Listen as Megan talks about the journey that began with the question, “Are you courageous enough?”

Preparing to Launch

Mom Essentials Podcast

Kids grow up in a blink of an eye. One day you are changing their diapers and the next you are getting them ready to send them off to college. No matter where you are in this timeline, it’s our job as parents to prepare our kids the best we can so they are ready to launch. Tune into this episode as our guest, Megan Nilsen, shares tips and strategies we can do with our children to help them be prepared for the future.

Unique Refining by the Holy Spirit

Strong Tower Mental health

Do you ever question if you heard God correctly? In this episode, I share the trials and difficulties our family went through several years ago and the huge help I got from an amazing counselor who pulled the gold from me. If you’ve ever struggled with your identity and truly understand how to live by the Spirit – this is for you! I loved this amazing interview with Heidi Mortenson, LMFT on her “Strong Tower Mental Health” podcast.

Understanding & Embracing Your Season of Life

Mom Owned and Operated

In this episode, Megan talks with Rita Suzanne about raising a family, running a business, and remembering yourself. Megan shares some of the best lessons she’s learned, what her biggest obstacles have been, and what you absolutely MUST consider if you want to go down the entrepreneur path!

A Higher Calling

Christian Writing & Speaking

After her counselor listened to her sob story, she expected her to hand her a kleenex, pat her on the back, and engage with her feelings of defeat. Instead, the counselor looked at her and said, “Megan, you know that motherhood is not your highest calling.” Blinded-sided by the counselor’s response, Megan Nilsen could not initially understand what the counselor meant because motherhood was all she was doing. Then, the counselor went on to explain that her truest and highest calling is as a child of God and that she needed to anchor her identity there first.

How Do You Hear God’s Voice?

Abundant Grace Podcast

Do you wonder how one hears God’s voice?? And if you actually do hear Him – what if you get it wrong and it’s not Him at all? Listen in on Megan and Emily’s real, honest conversation about such topics and more on the Abundant Grace podcast – Episode 117

How Do I know if it’s His Voice or Mine?

Redeem her time

As Christian women who want to let Him lead us in this WITH-God Life, sometimes it’s hard to quiet the noise around us, and let’s be honest the noise inside us, so that we can hear HIS voice above all the others. And then often we second guess whether or not it was really Him or just our great idea…have you been there too?

How Honest Conversations with God Help You Gain Clarity for Business

The Keeping it personal show

Teri Johnson welcomes Megan Nilsen, who invites us into her extraordinary journey of intertwining faith into the fabric of everyday life, from being a loving adoptive mom of four to embarking on her own coaching venture. Prepare to discover Megan’s transformative two-way journaling blueprint, a twelve-step process that fosters profound conversations with God and heightens awareness of His presence.

Discerning God’s Voice by Getting Real About Your Life

Gravity Podcast

Learning to hear God’s voice can be a difficult and confusing experience for many. But if we can start with getting real about what’s happening in our hearts, we can begin to untangle the mess of our thoughts and feelings and create a stillness that makes it easier to hear what God is saying to us and sense what God is doing in us.

Unforgettable: Curing Imposter Syndrome in One Swoop

The Daring Daughters

Imposter Syndrome is a common term that many don’t really understand. The actual definition is “a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.” Source: Wikipedia. Gosh we have all been there. It’s hard not to feel like a fraud when you are doing something you’ve never done. Today’s episode takes a Christian perspective on Imposter Syndrome.

Are you a podcaster looking for a dynamic interview for your show? 

I would love to be considered as a guest to speak to your audience! I know how special your people are so I approach the role of guest with the utmost humility and respect. If your audience values growing in faith and having honest conversations about how life and faith intersect in both messy and hopeful ways, we would be a perfect fit! I speak on various topics such as:

  • Authentically navigating life’s uncertain transitions
  • Different ways to hear God’s voice and walk in bold faith
  • Connecting with God to hear his voice through journaling
  • Navigating motherhood and/or marriage in an authentic, Christ-centered way
  • Kingdom aligned business building with God as CEO
  • Finding your unique purpose in life

You can reach me by email to see if we are a good fit for each other!

I look forward to hearing from you at megan@meganbnilsen.com