Ep 51 // 4 Signs of Spiritual Disconnection and Understanding What God Wants to Give You Instead

God has a word for his people, a word for his church! Jesus is saying, “Stop running away from me…” Dive in to hear how Lent can be a meaningful season for you to believe there is a new way to live and God wants to connect with you!

Join Megan as she shares: 

  • How the current Lent devotional she is reading is leading her to Scripture and challenging her faith. 

  • A few thoughts on the “meaning” of Lent

  • Two things Lent can mean for you! 

    • A time for repentance and a time to quit running.

  • The true meaning of repentance which invites you to do life in a “new way.”

  • The challenge of breaking out of your comfortable routine for greater Kingdom connection/impact. 

  • The profound impact of Jesus’ words about worry and anxiety.

  • Lent is about turning back to Jesus. Letting go of trying to be our own ‘little god’ and let Him be God.

  • The four things your flesh brings when you are disconnected from God. And how to pay attention to these signals. 

  • The five things the Spirit of God brings when you are open to Him.

  • Not only does anxiety not ADD to your life, it actually TAKES AWAY from your life.

Questions you’ll ask yourself in this episode:

  • What are you anxious about right now?

  • What are you holding onto so tightly that you are like – dang – I need to do some business here?

  • What emotional burden is Jesus inviting you to release and give to Him?

  • What is God inviting you to ‘see differently’ in this season? (A relationship, a circumstance, a decision you think you need to make, etc.)

  • What ‘beautiful exchange’ is God offering you if you let go of what is stressing you?

Megan is an author and Kingdom life coach who is excited to walk this journey with you! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes:

“The usual way of being in the world is HIGH ANXIETY. Everybody reveres ‘busy.’ Anxiety will lead us into a stance of defensiveness. What is a new (Kingdom) way of being?”

“Our human flesh gets  a lot of perceived self-worth when we can tick off the litany of things that we are doing. But how does Jesus invite us to live?”

“Are you in the anxious lemming line?”

“Lent is a time for you to free your obsession with yourself.”

Resources for Listeners:

Book: A Way Other Than Our Own: Devotions for Lent by Walter Brueggemann

Episode 50 // How to Untangle Your Thoughts and Hear from God: 30 Minutes That Will Revolutionize Your Quiet Time

Untangled Faith Book //  Untangled Faith: How Honest Conversations with God Lead to Deeper Connections, Clarity, and Peace available on Amazon.

Untangled Faith Book Study // Are you looking for your next small group study? Check out this 10-week curriculum to learn how to hear God’s voice and cultivate open communication with Him for deeper revelation! → untangledfaithstudy.com

Do you have a God-Sized dream? How do you know what one is? And if you have one? Check out this FREE resource → 5 Questions to Help you Discover Your God-Sized Dream! Godsizedreams.com

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