Ep 66 // Five Things You Can Do to Discern God’s Voice and Activity Through Dream Interpretation – Interview with Margaux Nelson

Margaux Nelson loves to boldly pursue the Voice of God in all His expressions. She has found it a life mission to re-introduce the church to the mystical Jesus and the honor of trusting the leading of His Spirit into the unknown. Margaux is a teacher, speaker, coach and dream interpreter who loves to make music and express herself through words, design and beautiful garments!

Things you will learn/discern in this episode: 

  • God speaks in your dreams – This episode is dream interpretation 101!

    • You’ll learn several things you can do to start hearing God through your dreams

  • When Margaux realized God was speaking to her in her dreams

  • Are some people born with heightened awareness of the spiritual realm?

  • How to steward and guide kids in their dreams and spiritual senses

  • What is gift of discerning of spirits

  • What to do when you feel a spirit of grief – is it yours to carry?

  • Common symbols and metaphors in dreams

  • Margaux interprets Megan’s dream! 

    • Learn the questions you can ask to interpret your own dreams

    • What do you do with the small details in dreams 

Megan is a Kingdom life coach, author, and speaker who helps God’s people align with God’s voice and get activated to live into their divine destiny! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes from Margaux:

“I started hearing God all at once in many different ways, but one of the ways I’ve been stewarding most is in the dream realm!”

“Our default is to doubt our senses. But once we pay attention to this realm all of us will see there is more!”

 “When I had that encounter with the Holy Spirit it was like all the lights turned on at one time! And I wondered, how did no one tell me? No one had the skills to help me steward this gift.”

“You can go as deep as you want with this. Any dream is just a conversation starter. The whole point is to more intimacy and relationship with God. It’s not just about cracking the code.”

Resources for Listeners:

 Connect with Margaux Nelson // margaux@permissiontoreign.com

Website: https://bio.site/permissiontoreign

Instagram: @permission_to_reign

Podcast: Breathing Underwater

You can watch this video on YouTube as well!! 

Connect with Megan Nilsen:

Website: meganbnilsen.com (learn about coaching, books, speaking, podcast – all in one place!)

Instagram: @megan_nilsen

Facebook: @MeganNilsenKingdomLifeCoach

Facebook Community: @KingdomLifeTogether

LinkedIn: Megan Nilsen

Email: megan@meganbnilsen.com

Schedule a FREE curiosity call if you’re interested in working with Megan // calendly.com/mbnilsen/30min

Extra Resources: 

Interested in facilitating your own Untangled Faith book/journal study → Check out this 10-week curriculum to learn how to hear God’s voice and cultivate open communication with Him for deeper revelation! → untangledfaithstudy.com

Untangled Faith Book //  Untangled Faith: How Honest Conversations with God Lead to Deeper Connections, Clarity, and Peace and companion journal (available on Amazon)

Join Megan’s dynamic FB Community inspired by this podcast ! → Kingdom Life Together 




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