Ep 68 // Hearing God’s Voice Through Imaginative Encounter – Interview with Kristin Chadwick

What could it look like to connect with God’s voice through an imaginative encounter with Jesus? As Kristin says, “No one can encounter the face of Jesus and walk away unchanged.”

Kristin Chadwick, a seasoned Podcast Coach and industry expert, collaborates with Christian influencers worldwide, leveraging her psychology degree and nearly a decade of experience to empower Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs in launching and growing purposeful podcasts, as showcased in her work with Dobson family, Kristen Boss, and Bethany Kimsey.

She helps empower female Kingdom Entrepreneurs to use their voice to impact the world through the power of podcasting. AND she loves to help people encounter Jesus through redeemed imagination!

Things you will learn/discern in this episode: 

  • This episode will take you from head knowledge of Jesus to an experience of the heart with the Holy Spirit!

  • How to shift your imagination toward Kingdom thinking from a posture of curiosity.

  • Experience your own “Encounter” at minute 26:00.

  • This will be like a spa for your soul!

  • Permission to not make this “make sense” – God is multi-dimensional

  • Find out what Kristin is seeking the Lord about right now.

  • The Kingdom (Christ-centered) perspective on meditation. 

Megan is a Kingdom life coach, author, and speaker who helps God’s people align with God’s voice and get activated to live into their divine destiny! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes from Kristin:

“What do I need to lay down in performance and trust God’s going to speak when He’s going to speak! Maybe in a different way than I know of Him. He’s going to find some way to speak to you.”

“An encounter is using our imagination to encounter Jesus in the movie of our minds.”

“There is a redemptive key that God uses when we invite Him into our imagination so we can taste and see that the Lord is good. A beautiful encounter in the ‘secret place.'”

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Connect with Kristin Chadwick:

Website: https://www.podcastcoachingforkingdomentrepreneurs.com/

Instagram: Kristin Fields Chadwick

Facebook Group for Current/Aspiring Podcasters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/204091305159761

Podcast for Podcasters: Podcast Coaching for Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Listen to various recorded encounters: Wholistic Hearts

You can watch this video on YouTube as well!! 

Connect with Megan Nilsen:

Website: meganbnilsen.com (learn about coaching, books, speaking, podcast – all in one place!)

Instagram: @megan_nilsen

Facebook: @MeganNilsenKingdomLifeCoach

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LinkedIn: Megan Nilsen

Alignable: Megan Nilsen Kingdom Life Coach

Email: megan@meganbnilsen.com

Schedule a FREE curiosity call if you’re interested in working with Megan // calendly.com/mbnilsen/30min

Extra Resources: 

Interested in facilitating your own Untangled Faith book/journal study → Check out this 10-week guide to learn how to hear God’s voice and cultivate open communication with Him for deeper revelation! → untangledfaithstudy.com

Untangled Faith Book //  Untangled Faith: How Honest Conversations with God Lead to Deeper Connections, Clarity, and Peace and companion journal (*available on Amazon)

Join Megan’s dynamic FB Community inspired by this podcast ! → Kingdom Life Together 



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