Ep 67 // Hearing God’s Voice for Your Kids Through Intercessory Prayer – Interview with Warrior Mama, Bethany Kimsey

Did you know that YOU are the mightiest intercessor for your children on this earth! If you don’t do it – who else will?

As a mother to 8 children, Bethany Kimsey (aka Warrior Mama )has seen God radically change her messy motherhood from anxious and frantic to peaceful, joyful, and triumphant. She helps weary mothers win the battle against worry and fatigue as they understand their identity in Christ and rest in the hope of the Gospel in community with other moms. 

As a writer, speaker, and encourager of mothers, she wants to see a generation of mothers who can connect their motherhood to the love of Jesus in real and practical ways so that they can be confident. 

Things you will learn/discern in this episode: 

  • The miraculous way God brought their family together

  • The biggest blessing/biggest challenge of having a large age gap between oldest and youngest kids

  • How do you navigate sibling dynamics – if they aren’t connected?

  • Bethany’s “tenets” of parenting

    • Overarching principles upon which we write interactions

    • Helping kids toward greater self-awareness

  • Let your kids know (specifically) what you’re praying for them! 

  • Pay attention to the person who annoys you the most – because they are the key to discovering how God is pruning and growing you.

  • The lies we believe as parents about the “expected outcome” of our kids. 

  • What to do when you think everything is up to you.

  • Why we constantly seek comparisons in motherhood and what God offers us instead.

  • How Bethany senses God’s voice and knows He is speaking to her. 

  • The power of praying for your kids. And a tool that will help you do just that!

  • What to do when the “answers” don’t come like you’d hoped.

  • How to see God’s work in returning to certain themes of prayer.

  • Hear what Bethany is asking God about right now (Spoiler alert: It makes her nervous!)

Megan is a Kingdom life coach, author, and speaker who helps God’s people align with God’s voice and get activated to live into their divine destiny! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes from Bethany:

“In parenting, you’re always playing the long game. We don’t panic in the teensy moves of the day to day. You keep a long term vision. Always speak where you want to go.”

“If your family is chosen for you then they are for your good and for God’s glory. The person who annoys you the most, more than likely will draw you closer to God because it will expose your need for Him!”

“God has already given us a triumphal procession and victory in motherhood. The problem is that we take our eyes off the General (Jesus).”

“The Spirit of God is always precise and restorative. It is never shame inducing.”

Resources for Listeners*: 

Connect with Bethany Kimsey

Website: www.bethanykimsey.com

Instagram: Bethany Kimsey

Podcast: Warrior Mama Podcast

A Warrior Mama’s Prayer Journal (*Amazon affiliate link)

You can watch this video on YouTube as well!! 

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Extra Resources: 

Interested in facilitating your own Untangled Faith book/journal study → Check out this 10-week curriculum to learn how to hear God’s voice and cultivate open communication with Him for deeper revelation! → untangledfaithstudy.com

Untangled Faith Book //  Untangled Faith: How Honest Conversations with God Lead to Deeper Connections, Clarity, and Peace and companion journal (available on Amazon)

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