Ep 69 // Hearing God’s Voice Through Emerging Opportunities – Interview with Justin Thomas

How do you know when to stick with your plan or be open to emerging opportunities? This episode focuses on paying attention to God’s Holy Spirit nudges and following God’s ever-evolving path.

Justin Thomas is a health coach, health benefits consultant, podcast host and entrepreneur. His greatest ambitions in life are to hear the words “well done good and faithful servant,” dreaming big with his family, having fun, and building enduring companies. 

Things you will learn/discern in this episode: 

  • How a personal “annual summit” could bless and benefit your marriage/family

  • What does it mean to become a “provider” in your life, dream big and take care of others in an amazing way

  • About the profound letter Justin’s dad left him to open “upon his father’s death”

  • The reality that God can actually surprise us!

  • The lesson Justin learned as a “D4” athlete and ditching a Christian fellowship meeting

  • How Justin has learned over time, through nudges and emerging opportunities to hear God’s voice.

  • What it looks like to be brave and vulnerable with your spouse and share your “big dreams”

  • Why should we dream big even if we might be disappointed.

  • What to do when a metaphorical door closes. Do you pivot or try again?

  • The difference between “planned” and “emergent” strategies. How do you know when to be committed to the plan or open to emerging opportunities?

Megan is a Kingdom life coach, author, and speaker who helps God’s people align with God’s voice and get activated to live into their divine destiny! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes from Justin:

“It is possible to dream big in a way that honors God and our faith AND stay true to our heart’s desire and personal ambitions.”

“The big idea is that God provides for us so we can provide for others. And being a provider means BLESS + PROTECT.”

“My struggle has not been coming to faith in the traditional Christian sense, rather believing that God can surprise me. He can be as whimsical as Bob Goff!”

“You can hear God’s voice and still fail a test.” 😉 

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Connect with Justin Thomas

Website: www.justinthomascoaching.com

Non-Profit Website: www.clthomasfellowship.org 

Podcast: Become a Provider 

Justin’s Book: Become a Provider: Overcome Tragedy, Become Stronger, and Serve Others Without Getting Burned Out

Book Recommendation: How to Measure Your Life?

You can watch this video on YouTube as well!! 

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Interested in facilitating your own Untangled Faith book/journal study → Check out this 10-week guide to learn how to hear God’s voice and cultivate open communication with Him for deeper revelation! → untangledfaithstudy.com

Untangled Faith Book //  Untangled Faith: How Honest Conversations with God Lead to Deeper Connections, Clarity, and Peace and companion journal (*available on Amazon)

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