Ep 30 // How to Partner with God for Supernatural Solutions

Are you an ordinary person? 😉 Me too!! If you’re wondering how to take “ordinary” and turn it into “extraordinary” – this episode is for you. Listen in for a model of bringing about Kingdom solutions to natural problems.

Join Megan as she discusses:

  • What it looks like for an ordinary human being to partner with an extraordinary God!

  • The lessons we learn from the wedding at Cana (John Chapter 2)

  • Recognizing the problem, then looking for a Kingdom solution.

  • The practical steps to walk in Kingdom calling.

  • The first step is pretty clear and comfortable.

  • The second step seems a little “different,” but still do-able.

  • The third step may pull you from your comfort zone!

  • The Kingdom mystery that exists between the natural problem and supernatural solution

  • Turn to Jesus and pay attention to what He’s saying to you! He will give you instructions if you stand ready and listen.

Questions you’ll ask yourself in this episode:

  • What specific problem currently exists in your life?

  • What do you sense Jesus telling you to do right now as a supernatural solution to a natural problem?

Megan is so excited to walk this journey with you! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

References in this Episode:

 The Voice – bible translation

Ep 26 // Four Reasons We Resist Walking in Active Faith

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