Ep 44 // How to Purposefully Look to the Future in Faith

It’s a new year! And you have ideas, goals, visions, dreams of things you’d like to do. AND YET, something is holding you back. Last week we discussed FEAR. This week, we’re discussing the PAST.

Join Megan as she shares: 

  • The truth we learn from Paul about living for the future in Philippians Chapter 3

  • God wants us to discover His truth! But we may need to let go of the past.

  • You’ll need one compelling focus.

  • A word for those of you growing in your faith! It’s time to “do business” with God.

  • When you surrender to Christ – God will reveal His plan to you!

Questions you’ll ask yourself in this episode:

  • What is your ONE compelling focus this year?

  • What are you carrying into this season of life that might be holding you back? What weight do you need to throw off that is slowing you down?

  • Who could be blessed by you “running your race”?

Megan is excited to walk this journey with you! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes:

“Worldly goals, in and of themselves, are not bad. They are just limited. They are incomplete.”

“What does it look like to trust the past is gone and you are moving on?”

“If God is calling you to something specific – He is going to equip you with the time to do it!”

Resources for Listeners:

6 Reflection Questions to Start the New Year → newyearreflections.com

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