Ep 54 // Two Perspectives on Discerning the Signs of Time

Do you ever wonder HOW you should spend your TIME? How do you know when it’s time to make a big move? Walk away? Dig in…? Discernment is KEY!

Join Megan as she shares: 

  • The two types of time that exist: CHRONOS and KAIROS.

  • Chronos = chronological time. The linear timeline of our lives. 

  • The stress of feeling like you’re “losing” time. 

  • Kairos = how God shapes/sees time. Access to another dimension. 

  • The fullness of what God is doing in any given moment that supersedes chronological time. 

  • Why do we care about this distinction? How does this understanding shape our lives?

  • Lesson from 2 Corinthians 6:1-3

  • The beauty of reflecting on the past in order to determine what God did and what He is doing even now – garnering Kingdom perspective. 

  • We are often scared to ask God what’s going on because we are limited in our understanding of time. 

  • Chronological time will tempt you to live afraid. 

  • When you live into the truth of what God is doing – it will SET YOU FREE.

Reflection questions you’ll ask yourself in this episode:

  • Name a confusing or complicated situation. What might God be doing in this situation? Mine for divine gold – understanding the KAIROS in this circumstance.

  • How are you experiencing God’s divine favor over your life right now?

  • Are you truly walking in the grace and peace God offers?

  • Where in your life do you sense God’s divine invitation to have a more patient, peaceful perspective?

  • How are you discerning the signs of the time in your own life? Map and mark what’s happening in your house, work, church, community right now… Lock in the chronological timeline. And then ask God – what are you doing here? Show me your perspective.

Megan is a Kingdom life coach, author, and speaker who is excited to walk this journey with you! Join her to have conversations on reframing life, love, and calling to live the life God has so purposefully created for you.

Quotable Quotes:

“The reason to pay attention to Kairos time is to gain a wider, deeper understanding of your life. The convergence of events that point to God’s hand at work.”

“What would happen if you slowed down to actually SEE what God is doing here?”

“If you are forcing your own agenda, forcing your way through life, it’s going to get tiring. You will burn out and wonder what all this is for…”

“Chronological time will tempt you to live afraid.”

Resources for Listeners:

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